Wash and Livelihood Project funded by GFO (German Foreign Office) Somali Region

Brief Note:

  • Ubah Wardi, a mother of three children, her age is 24, she is among the residents of kudunbur village from Goglo district, Korehe Zone; Somali regional state of Ethiopia.


Before this project’s implementation in the area, the community had no access to water supply as well as latrines. Which resulted either travelling to long distances or collecting unclean water from the roads and nearby traditional ponds that had no any protection from dirt and dust; this caused many water born diseases such AWD and other diseases.

As a result of this, the community widely practiced open defecation inside and around the village that end up in the ponds which further pose additional health risks. This had a negative impact on the community at large.


Ubah-becomes one of the households benefiting from this project; this 800m3 underground Birka was constructed by OWDA in collaboration Arche-nova from GFO fund. This Community in this location were exposed to frequent droughts and have had limited alternative water sources apart from the dependency on the success or failure of seasonal rains.  The information and ideas presented here have been developed from the work undertaken by OWDA through Arche-nova in Goglo district and from a short field visit made in mid May 2019 to document the success of the project.

Ubah-family is also one of the active members of the wash Committee established for safeguarding of the Birka. The wash committee manages the water and prepare messages to teach other community members or those coming to collect water about the importance of good hygiene and health.

Ubah’s story  


My name is Ubah Wardi, Iam among the families who fortunately the chance to benefit from this Birka constructed by OWDA ;my family is very to the Birka and health improved since we started using water from the Birka.

Similarly, we are also saving time that we used to waist for searching water from far. This time we are only from 120m from the source hence we increased consumption, we collect four jerry cans per day that 80 litres that was impossible before; we could afford that hence our hygiene is improved.

Before construction of this Birka, water was one of the major problems of the community and children in particular in this village. We used to drink water from a nearby stagnant water just road sides, which is unprotected and contaminated by animal waste.  Especially during the dry season, we suffer due to lack

of drinking water. As a result, most children stop coming to school, because they travel to faraway places with their families in search of water and usually dropout from school becomes normal.

But now thanks to the supports OWDA and Arche nova we have clean water which accessible for us. We can access it at any time we want. We no more travel around the village in search of water.

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