Founder of the Denan Project Enjoys Hero’s Welcome in Denan

The founder of the Denan project Dick Young enjoyed a hero’s welcome in Denan as he was conducting a supervision mission in the Denan District. The community considered the visit as way of revitalizing the project after a serious setback caused by the burning of mobile team vehicle.

On January 14, 2010 delegates from Denan project and OWDA visited Denan to monitor, know the status of the project clearly and share project plans with the target community. The team was affectionately welcomed by the project beneficiaries to an extent whereby the Denan project president Dick Young and his deputy Jarret were lifted up. Moreover, some of the community were singing and dancing for the team. This warm welcome indicates the achievements of the project and the positive impact the project had to the community.
The project is targeting Denan Woreda of Gode Zone which is located 70km north-east of Gode town. The project has integrated development components which have diverse sections those are aimed at improving the livelihood of the target area. The project is funded by Denan project Inc based in USA and implemented by Ogaden Welfare & Development Association (OWDA). Initially the project was started with two clinic rooms and one Doctor but unbelievably within six years the project has all health elements needed from a health center and has more than forty staffs. The project had given the necessary treatments to more than seventy five thousand patients in six years. Likewise, the project was expanded from being limited to health activities and in Denan town but holistically incorporated with five more important components including the outreach program which was aimed at serving the unreached locations of Denan districts.

The project components are categorized into five holistic fingers these are provision of comprehensive primary health care, water development, education, cottage industry and agricultural development component.