OWDA and its Environmental Interventions

It is evidently seen that in Somali region greater part of fertile land has been reversed to unproductive due to soil erosion mainly gulley that detaches soil particle into another places. Therefore, this needs to be controlled effectively so that the worse is reduced to happen to the cultivatable land in Jijiga.

In response to this problem, OWDA in collaboration with CRDA launched environmental rehabilitation program in Jijiga area which had improved the environmental status and took a vital part in planting trees. The main objective of the project is to enhance the economic power of the targeted communities and implementing tasks that are considered to have significant impact on the environment. Moreover, the project intends to capacitate the communities on how wise they are supposed to use their environment. Likewise, the project aims at beautifying and greening Jijiga town. To this effect, OWDA planted 40,000 trees which were distributed to all target farmers, requested individuals, organization and institutions.

Achievement of the project:
OWDA implemented environmental rehabilitation project which was implemented in Jijiga district. In order to control and reduce the water runoff, OWDA undertook the following activities:


  • Sand bund
  • Nursery site preparation and development
  • Planting 40,000 seedling
  • Stone faced bund
  • Reducing water runoff

The implementation of the above mentioned activities have been facilitated by planting 40,000 trees which were distributed to the requested individuals and organization. Some of the organizations that requested and received were