OWDA and its DENAN Health Services

Organization for Welfare & Development in Action (OWDA) in partnership with The Denan Project (TDP) is vigorously running the Denan Health Center which is fully staffed with an exceptionally dedicated team of more than 35 staffs headed by medical doctor.

Denan health center is equipped with ultrasound, laboratory chemist, refrigerators and 20 beds for inpatient wards. There is emergency department with standby ambulance for referral of seriously ill patients. Moreover, there is well established maternity ward with vaccinations, pre- and post-natal, well-baby care, and have TB clinic adjacent to the health center. Likewise, both Out-Patient Therapeutic Program and Therapeutic Feeding Unit Nutritional programs are actively operational in the health center. OWDA in collaboration with TDP managed to successfully treat more than 100,000 patients ailing with different diseases. All the services are delivered for free. (details will be posted soon in the annual performance report).