Somali Region in Ethiopia Hit by New Deadly Floods

Somali Region in Ethiopia Hit by New Deadly Floods

During the last two weeks heavy rains have been raining in the Somali Region, Ethiopia where human and livestock casualties have been reported as well as shelter and communication system (Roads and bridges) damage. As a result more than 60 human casualties have been said by Mr. Muktar Mohamed the DPPB Coordinator of Somali Regional State.

Ogaden Welfare & Development Association (OWDA) has distributed 1000 Mosquito Nets to the victim families.

In this respect, all Rivers, valleys and lakes have overflowed and broken down to the around areas. The most affected areas are many districts and villages in Gode Zone particularly those along side the SHABELE River namely Qallafo and Mustahil where 17 villages in Qallafo and 14 in Mustahil are being circled by the flood water, some villages in other Zones also reported being under emergency. High quality facilities for rescuing the people are needed for.

As a humanitarian response, Ogaden Welfare & Development Association (OWDA) has paid a visit to the affected areas and preparing emergency aid action to the victim community.

The highly recommended aids and facilities:

  1. Food aid
  2. Non-food items
  3. Medicine
  4. Clean water
  5. Livestock health service
  6. Small Boats, Helacobters and Bulldozers