Baliad Priamry School

Delivering quality education to displaced Children.

“We were facing critical problems since we did not have enough space to accommodate all our students,” says Nimo Abdi, Director at Bali’ad primary school in Warder Woreda. OWDA in partnership with NRC has implemented an emergency education programme to address the access to education problem for IDPs and host communities in Doolo Zone.

In 2016, Doolo zone was hit by severe drought which killed many livestock – the main livelihood for the pastoralists – leaving many families who lost livelihood with no option but to become IDPs in the nearby villages.

Bali’ad Primary school has 400 students of which 50% are IDP children. This primary school had only three classrooms.  The school was using private rooms which are located next to the school as classrooms and even one class used to take lessons under a tree inside the school compound. The school was not only struggling with the shortage of classrooms but also other challenges including insufficient trained teachers and school materials.

“We did not have enough classrooms to accommodate all students. Besides, we did not have enough trained teachers,” explains Nimo.

It is evident that in the drought-affected displaced community, families lost everything, including their livestock, so they cannot afford to buy learning materials to their children.

Things have improved when OWDA with NRC has started Education in Emergency Project to support the communities that have been struggling to get access to education in two woredas in Doolo zone – Warder and Lehelyu’ub. Semi-permanent classrooms were constructed, new teachers were recruited and trained, and learning materials including exercise books, pencils and pens were provided to students.

“We are delighted to get the support. The school is now conducive for both students and teachers and it give the students sense of hope and brighter future” says Nimo.

The project has constructed four learning spaces (eight class rooms) for four schools in Lehelyu’ub and Warder Woredas, recruited, trained and provided teaching materials for 20 new teachers, and distributed Learning materials to 1,000 students across the two Woredas. Thanks to this intervention 1,000 students of which 400 are female and 600 are male got opportunity to access quality education.








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