Mr. Mohamed Geele, 21, lives in Bokh town. He has basic literacy skills and volunteered to work with OWDA to improve the health of his community.

The health system in Bokh and other parts of Doolo zone has been very poor and people did not get the necessary health education and awareness required to understand the importance seeking health care service when one gets sick. As a result people including children and pregnant mothers used to suffer series health consequences.

After joining OWDA as volunteers he has taken OWDA organized training on community based surveillance and new born tracking which gave him knowledge on the topics of measles, NNT, AFP immunization service.    Soon after joining OWDA volunteers and taking the training in March 2019, Mr. Geele started serving his community. He devoted two hours a day for two days a week to actively search for cases, engage house to house health education, register pregnant women and new born babies, and track defaulters. Mr. Geele has, thanks to his commitment to community service, so far managed to detect five suspected AFP cases and reported them immediately to his supervisor who dealt with the cases, and linked 360 children in Bokh to the health centre.

Mr. Geele, he said that, “am very proud to work my community voluntarly and in the future I will continue working with my community which sensitizing the community for communicable disease” Mr. Geele is one of 478 community volunteers working with OWDA across Somali region to improve the community health and affect the health seeking behaviour of the pastoralist communities. With the support of the community volunteers like Mr. Geele OWDA has reached this year 8,753 people with messages of healthy practice.


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