Humanitarian aid in the WASH sector for communities affected by the flood, drought and COVID-19 pandemic in Kelafo, Gode and Denan Woredas in the Somali region, Ethiopia .

The project targets a total of 19,767 direct beneficiaries and approximately 109,100 indirect beneficiaries.9,246 people from 4 villages in Kelafo will benefit from the construction of the river water intake systems with subsequent filtration and 8,184 people from the construction of the Birkas.

A total of 2,337 inpatients and outpatients and the staff of the health centre of the city of Kelafo will benefit from the planned water supply system (river water extraction, filtration, distribution) and the rehabilitation of three toilet blocks every month. The health centre is located in the centre of the city of Kelafo and has 33 rooms for various purposes, while the staff consists of 23 men and women. It is responsible for the 109,100 inhabitants of the Kelafo District, in particular for the 25,330 inhabitants of the City of Kelafo.

The construction of 16 institutional latrines will benefit both the students in the schools of the target Kebeles and the patients and in-patients in the health facilities of the target Kebeles.

The entire population of the target kebles will benefit from the sanitation and hygiene promotion measures, the distribution of water disinfectants and WASH NFI as well as the clean-up campaigns.

A total of 54 CV (community volunteers) and CM (community mobilizer) from the 9 Kebeles will benefit directly from the hygiene training, who will then pass on their knowledge to the entire population.