OWDA is a charity organization that Promotes conditions of sustainable human development through implementing programs on basic service delivery, economic opportunities, livelihood diversification and resilience through advocacy and protection in Ethiopia
OWDA aspires to see Ethiopia where all people have attained sustainable human development.
Our Mission
Maintain and strengthen strategic capacities and partnerships to bring about sustainable development on the lives of underserved populations in Ethiopia
Promote conditions of sustainable human development through implementing programs/projects on basic service delivery, economic opportunities, livelihood diversification, Disaster Risk Management and climate change adaptations as well as advocacy and protection
Core Values
Commitment: We stand firm to our aspirations
Integrity: We uphold the high moral ground.
Focus on quality: We strive for excellence in what we do
Accountability: We are accountable to whom we work with and for
Our Timeline
Organization for Welfare and Development in Action (OWDA) was established in December 1999 to help provide humanitarian assistance to the affected population. OWDA started its operation by providing relief program aimed at supporting most vulnerable segment of the people, however, the organization reshaped its strategic focus to go for long term development programs intended to strengthen local capacity to bring about durable solution for the marginalized pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in Somali region of Ethiopia. In line with Charities Association’s Proclamation No. 0621/2009, the organization was registered by the Charities and Societies Agency (CSA) as Ethiopian Residents Charity with the registration No. 0421.
OWDA is an active national humanitarian organization dedicated to bring sustainable human development in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Through its cooperation with donors and stakeholders, OWDA build the capacity of its target community through financial and technical empowerment to help them lead their livelihoods, OWDA consider them as a key stakeholder. OWDA places special emphasis on investing and building the resilience of vulnerable pastoral and agro pastoral communities mainly children, women, youth, elderly and people with special needs to help them survive with natural and made shocks. The organizational age, geographical reach and the local knowledge made it possible to gain outstanding experience to deliver effective, appropriate and timely responses to target communities.
OWDA’s main thematic programing are Health and Nutrition, WaSH, Education, Food Security and Livelihood programs mainstreamed with gender and protection.
Over its life span, the organization has grown substantially in the number of projects implemented, districts covered, staff numbers and budgets managed. OWDA implements both development and humanitarian programs in partnership with international NGOs, Donors like USAID, DFID, Norway Development Fund, EU, GFFO, GIZ, UN agencies. Likewise, OWDA is one of the few national NGOs that get direct access of Ethiopian Humanitarian Fund. OWDA is operational in nine of the eleven zones in Somali Region, namely: Fafan, Siti, Dollo, Shabele, Jarar, Dawa, Liban, Nogob and Korahai zones.

Since its establishment, the organization through its work in emergency and development interventions supported millions of people, saving lives and providing skills, opportunities, employment for improved livelihoods. Similarly, it has achieved great development in its organizational capacity and management of programs. OWDA has over 270 staffs and manages 8-10 Million USD annually.