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Alleviating chronic water shortages through water harvesting Birkas: A case of Malka-Sallah

Ogaden Welfare and Development Association (OWDA) had implemented an integrated pastoral and agro-pastoral development project in Adadle Woreda of Gode zone from 2007 to 2011.The project beneficiaries’ livelihood system composed of pure pastoral livelihood and agro-pastoral community residing in the Shabele river bank. The pastoral communities’ livelihood is based on livestock and is very sensitive…

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Regional food security updates

According to the regional Disaster prevention and preparedness bureau The food security condition remain stable in many parts across the Somali region in this month compared to the last months, due to a combination of factors such as onset of Gu season improved water availability, regular distribution of relief and PSNP food, good livestock body…

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OWDA and its DENAN Health Services

Ogaden Welfare & Development Association (OWDA) in partnership with The Denan Project (TDP) is vigorously running the Denan Health Center which is fully staffed with an exceptionally dedicated team of more than 35 staffs headed by medical doctor. Denan health center is equipped with ultrasound, laboratory chemist, refrigerators and 20 beds for inpatient wards. There…

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General Assembly (GA) Meeting

Ogaden Welfare and Development Association (OWDA) conducted its 3rd annual General assembly meeting on March 24th after the establishment of the Charities and Societies Agency. The meeting was held in Hamda Hotel at the association’s headquarter of Jijiga. The Meeting was participated by the General assembly members, invited guests and representatives from the regional government…

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OWDA and its Environmental Interventions

It is evidently seen that in Somali region greater part of fertile land has been reversed to unproductive due to soil erosion mainly gulley that detaches soil particle into another places. Therefore, this needs to be controlled effectively so that the worse is reduced to happen to the cultivatable land in Jijiga. In response to…

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OWDA’s FGM Experience at the Proceedings of the National FGM Network Annual Experience Sharing Workshop


Established in 1999 with its head office in Jijiga, OWDA works in Jijiga, Warder, korahay, Gode, Afder and Liben zones in various integrated thematic program engagements. These include rural water supply, education, health, environmental rehabilitation and protection, pastoral community capacity building, water and sanitation, destitute children and women support, emergency relief, and fighting harmful traditional…

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Updates on the Current Humanitarian Situation and the Emergency Response Plan

In a meeting held in Jijiga on 11 February 2010 to discuss the current humanitarian situation, the regional Disaster Prevention and preparedness Bureau  updated the meeting participants as follows: Weather Condition Unusual rain is currently falling in certain parts of the Somali region.Localities that have received medium amount of rain include: Fik Zone (Fik, Sagag…

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OWDA’S Water tankering updates

Organization Welfare and Development in Action (OWDA) is currently conducting water tankering emergency interventions in three different districts of the Somali region where was highly affected by the recent drought. These districts are Bokh, Galadi and Hershin. The report compiled by our field staff pertaining to these water tankering activities stipulated that OWDA has conducted…

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Founder of the Denan Project Enjoys Hero’s Welcome in Denan


The founder of the Denan project Dick Young enjoyed a hero’s welcome in Denan as he was conducting a supervision mission in the Denan District. The community considered the visit as way of revitalizing the project after a serious setback caused by the burning of mobile team vehicle. On January 14, 2010 delegates from Denan…

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