Community Led Maternal and new Born Health

OWDA with partnership Women’s Hope International (WHI) has been implementing community
led maternal and newborn health Danod and Daratole districts of Doolo zone Somali region
Ethiopia. Since 2004, OWDA is implementing maternal and newborn in Somali region with its
Longstanding experience in reproductive and maternal health, Staff with long-standing field
experience, Long-term commitment that goes beyond a project, commitment to a community
empowerment based approach in development and willingness to learn and adapt working
with pastoralists in a highly vulnerable, crisis-prone context. The proposed project aims to
decrease the maternal and newborn mortality rate significantly in two Districts (Woradas) of
the Doolo Zone in the Somali Region. Towards this goal, the project will facilitate improved
access, demand and use of good quality MNH services supported and governed by the
community. In order to achieve the above, the project aims for the following results:
1. Communities are mobilized and take the lead in governing MNH facilities and projects.
Access is improved.
2. Pregnant women have increased demand and higher use of MNH services.
3. The government health services are providing good quality MNH services.

Project Logframe

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