A team of Ethiopian Somali who have seen the bad plight of the people of Somali Region of Ethiopia took advantage of the newly adopted federal democratic system and established the “Organization for Welfare & Development in Action” (OWDA) in 1999.


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OWDA’s Adadle Community Development Project: Impacts and Beneficiaries’ Testimonies

By owda | March 2, 2018

Adadley Community Development project (ACDP) is a five year development program implemented by Ogaden Welfare and Development Association (OWDA) and funded by Development Fund Norway…

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OWDA and its Environmental Interventions

By owda | March 1, 2018

It is evidently seen that in Somali region greater part of fertile land has been reversed to unproductive due to soil erosion mainly gulley that…

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OWDA’s FGM Experience at the Proceedings of the National FGM Network Annual Experience Sharing Workshop

By owda | February 27, 2018

Established in 1999 with its head office in Jijiga, OWDA works in Jijiga, Warder, korahay, Gode, Afder and Liben zones in various integrated thematic program…

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Updates on the Current Humanitarian Situation and the Emergency Response Plan

By owda | February 26, 2018

In a meeting held in Jijiga on 11 February 2010 to discuss the current humanitarian situation, the regional Disaster Prevention and preparedness Bureau  updated the…

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OWDA’S Water tankering updates

By owda | February 25, 2018

Organization Welfare and Development in Action (OWDA) is currently conducting water tankering emergency interventions in three different districts of the Somali region where was highly…

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