OWDA - What We Do
What We Do
OWDA supports vulnerable communities to improve their living standards and help them realize their full potential. OWDA introduces innovations in the areas of WASH, Education, Child Protection, Health and Nutrition, and Livelihood to improve the lives of the most at-risk populations in Ethiopia.
Education and Child Protection Sector :
The Education and Child Protection Sector strives to ensure access to quality education, strengthen the quality of existing education, improve learning outcomes, promote good governance and leader- ship throughout the education system, enhance gender empowerment, and respond to the needs of crisis-affected children.
Food Security and Livelihood Sector :
The Food Security and Livelihood Sector works to improve the livelihoods of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities, enhance food security for food-insecure households, introduce new farm- ing methods and increase agricultural production, improve animal health and increase production from livestock.
WASH & ESNFI Sector :
In the WASH Sector, OWDA strives to improve access to water, hygiene, and sanitation services for pastoral and agro-pastoral, disaster-affected, poor and hard-to-reach communities in Ethiopia.
Health & Nutrition Sector :
The Health Sector strives to support access to health services for vulnerable communities, address and reduce the causes of morbidity and support improved sexual and reproductive health through the construc- tion of facilities, provide medication, and raise aware- ness.
OWDA works across these sectors with partners, local government structures, NGOs, and local communities to create lasting development solutions.